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Relevant Articles about Diversity and Inclusion

This page contains relevant articles largely from the past year, on diversity and inclusion issues in higher education. We hope these articles will at the very least be informative about what it is going on in higher education related to this issue.  

Why Diversity Matters

McKinsey & Company: Why Diversity Matters Article 

Scientific American: How Diversity Makes Us Smarter

Forbes Insights: Global Diversity and Inclusion: Fostering Innovation Through a Diverse Workforce

Creating a Diversity Agenda

The Chronicle of Higher Education: How do you create a diversity agenda

American Council on Education: A Policy and Legal Syllabus for Diversity Programs at Colleges and Universities

Issues of Diversity and Inclusion

The Chronicle of Higher Education: A New Front of Activism

The Chronicle of Higher Education: When College was a Public Good

Blavity: This is what it's really like to navigate anti-blackness in academic institutions