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Recruitment Toolkit

Welcome to the Office of Graduate Studies-Diversity Recruitment Toolkit. Recruiting students can be a complicated, time consuming, and even overwhelming process that takes a great amount of attention, organization, and preparation. Anytime is a great time to start laying the foundation needed to began identifying students for your academic program. Our hope is that this toolkit will provide you with invaluable information related to identifying, recruiting and ultimately enrolling underrepresented students.

Below are a list of the resources this site offers through various documents and web links contained under  the various pages in this section: 

Best Practices in Diversity Recruitment

The Best Practices in Diversity Recruitment page contains documents gleaned from other academic institutions, on effective means to recruit and retain underrepresented students. 

Recruitment Scripts

The Recruitment Scripts page contains documents borrowed from the University of Washington's template of recruitment scripts for departments and faculty to use, to strategically target students identified in the databases contained here, or follow up with students after an academic conference or recruitment fair. This includes email, conference follow up and phone scripts. 

Recruitment Databases

The databases included in this page provide a direct line to highly motivated and talented underrepresented and under-served students interested in PhD and Master’s programs across various disciplines. In addition to their contact information, many of these lists include the student’s current institution, expected discipline, current major, and graduation date. Among the databases included are the GEM database, National Name Exchange, and McNair Scholars directory as well as some conference specific lists. For more information and suggestions on how to effectively utilize these tools, please see the Database document that can be found in the files of this site. For online viewing purposes rather than downloading, the databases can be accessed at the following Box link:

Please Note: The information provided by each student in the directories was given voluntarily to the organizations that maintain them, and to recruitment personnel, for the purposes of being recruited by departments. Prospective students have provided their personal contact information, thus we ask that you proceed with care and guard the information of the students. 

Conferences and Grad Fairs

The Conferences and Grad Fairs page contains a working document, with Conferences and Grad Fairs that are specific to underrepresented and under-served populations. These events are great tools of networking and in-person recruitment. The list includes descriptions of the conferences and grad fairs, as well as links to the event website. 

This page also includes a calendar of recruitment events for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Relevant Articles about Diversity and Inclusion

In addition to the page on Best Practices in Diversity Recruitment, we have created this module, which contains relevant articles largely from the past year, on diversity and inclusion issues in higher education. We hope these articles will at the very least be informative about what it is going on in higher education related to this issue.  

General Recruitment Strategies and Holistic Admissions

The General Recruitment Strategies and Holistic Admissions page includes documents from leaders in the field on effective recruitment and holistic admissions practices. 

Links to Other Resources

For further information on diversity recruitment and retention efforts, we provide a page at the end of the Modules section, with links to other institutions, such as the University of Washington and University of Minnesota, that lead the field in diversity and inclusion best practices.