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What Happens When You Don't Negotiate 

What happens when you don't negotiate for a higher starting salary? 

A low base salary can significantly impact future bonuses, cost of living increases, and the value of life insurance coverage. 

Accepting $5,000 less in starting salary can add up to a loss of $600,000+ over 40 years of employment. Source.

So why don't people negotiate job offers? 

According to, some people worry about losing the job offer if they negotiate. Others report that they lack negotiation skills or do not have the self confidence to negotiate. 

Job Offer Negotiation Examples

The good news: With practice, you will gain the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to be able to successfully negotiate a job offer. 

Remember, job offer negotiations can take place via phone, video conference, in person or by email. Be prepared! To learn more, seek advice from your mentor to learn what's negotiable for your discipline in a select job sector (e.g., public, private, or nonprofit.) You might also watch video role plays and read sample negotiation scripts to gain an idea of how the process might work:

Job Offer Negotiation: Listen, Think & Respond by Robin G Walker, PhD  

Managing Offers & Salary Negotiations by Swathmore College.

Getting what you're worth by the American Psychological Association.

Salary Negotiation by Claremont Graduate University

31+ Killer Salary Negotiation Scripts by Lewis Lin.

5 phrases that will get you a higher salary by US News & World Report's Money magazine.