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Networking On & Off Campus

In today's job market, it is likely that networking can help you land a job.

Networking takes of bit of getting to know others as well as being known (favorably!) by others. And when it comes to e-networks e.g., LinkedIn, it's also about how MANY people you know. The secret to networking: Relationships are built over time, through trust, respect, and reciprocity. 

When should you start networking?  

Think about this: You are already networking NOW within established personal-social, academic, and professional realms.

How can you expand your professional network?  

Faculty Members. Student Groups. Campus Committees. Social Events. Regional & National Conferences. Professional Organizations. Informational Interviews. Job Shadowing. Summer Research. Internships. Externships. Social Media Networks & Contacts. Career Fairs. Alumni Events. Workshops. Community Service.

Some suggestions:

  • If you don't have a business card - get one quick. 
  • Perfect a short elevator pitch.
  • Ask your mentor about connecting with others at professional meetings.
  • Maximize your conference travel by setting goals and planning ahead. 
  • Practice conversation starters - get others to talk!  
  • Learn social hour etiquette.
  • Be a good listener and remain attentive to the speaker. 
  • Join LinkedIn. Join relevant groups. Make connections around the world.