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Alternative Academic (Alt-Ac) Success Stories

Considering a career path outside of higher education?

Across the US & Canada, there's a growing interest in alternative careers for academics ("Alt-Ac") outside of higher education. 

In addition to exploring position titles across job sectors, it's highly motivating to learn from PhD holders who have secured jobs business, government, various industries, the nonprofit sector, and those who have launched entrepreneurial endeavors.

Be sure to visit sites, read blogs, participate in chats, monitor social media, attend online meetings and join networks via LinkedIn.

PhD Transition Folks to Follow on Twitter

@cheekyscience (Isaiah Hankel)                @FatimahPhD (FatimaWiliamsCastro)       
@lifeafterthephd (Laura Godsoe)               @GradSquare (Marco Altamirano)       
@MLAconnect (Connected Academics)    @PhDtoLife (Jennifer Polk)    
@BeyondAcademia (Berkeley PhD's)         @VersatilePhd (Paula Chambers/DavidLaCroix)
@MyScienceCareer (Science Mag)

Twitter Conversations (Hashtags)

#altac   #withaphd   #postac   #nonac  #leavingacademia   #phdchat   #beyondprof

Read/Watch Success Stories

Cheeky Scientist Success videos 

PhD's at Work "Week in the Life" blog.

Recommended Sites

AAAS Careers American Association for the Advancement of Science. Develop your career in science. AAAS offers tools and tips, job market information, and a supportive online community.

Connected Academics Preparing Doctoral Students of Language & Literatures for a Variety of Careers

From PhD to Life/Resources  Free downloads, books, sites, podcasts, webcasts & other resources

Grad Square  Free blogs, podcasts & resources. Other portions of site by subscription only. 

Versatile PhD Career Finder Brief descriptions of career paths for Humanities, Social Sciences, and STEM. Other portions of site by subscription only.