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Dossier Service

Graduate students who are entering the job market might consider a dossier service to manage and deliver their job search documents. 

How it works

The student creates an account and uploads job search documents. To respond to a job announcement, simply log into the account, identify the necessary documents for a specific application packet, and select a delivery method. The dossier service sends the application packet to the prospective employer. Delivery fees vary.

Confidential letters

Dossier services handles recommendation letters with absolute confidentiality. Faculty mentors upload letters of recommendation directly to the online system. Students manage the letters by the surname of the recommender but are blocked from viewing the body of the letters. 

What to upload? 

Which documents you upload depends on (a) your discipline and (b) what job sectors interest you. For example, for business, industry or government jobs, you will likely need a cover letter, resume, unofficial transcript and list of references. Academic job announcements often require a cover letter, CV, unofficial transcript, teaching philosophy and reference letters. Examples of discipline-specific work examples may include videos, images, writing samples, research abstracts, drawings or copies of a professional license.   

Dossier Service Providers 

  • Vitae is the fast-growing academic community from The Chronicle of Higher Education designed just for faculty and administrators. Vitae offers you access to free career management tools, including a dossier service; the best jobs; candid advice; and an active community to help you succeed at every stage of your career.
  • Interfolio is a fee-based dossier service


Disciplinary norms may dictate students’ use of dossier services.  Be sure to ask your mentor if a dossier or credentialing service is acceptable in your field.