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Nearing Completion 

For those in research-based programs, most likely you will be collecting and analyzing data. Some students are required to submit a grant proposal or journal article. Others will be writing thesis or dissertation chapters.

5 key professional development activities at this stage:

  1. Meet with your primary mentor or adviser to review your CV or resume.
  2. Attend a regional, national or international professional conference. Present. Network.
  3. Assume a leadership position with a grad student group at the University or national level. 
  4. Conduct informational interviews and job shadow at places you would like to work.
  5. Revisit your transferable skills inventory. What skills do you need to acquire or hone?

Closely related to your professional development: 

  • When you return from a conference, invite your new contacts to join your LinkedIn network.
  • Attend career-related seminars (or complete online modules) related to job interviews and salary negotiation. 
  • Double-check your targeted deadlines for degree completion. When will you intend to graduate? What are the deadlines you need to meet? 
  • Keep your CV or resume updated with your teaching, research, mentoring, and service activities. 
  • Analyze job ads for the transferable skills sought by employers. Focus on jobs that interest. If you possess those transferable skills, add them to your resume. 
  • Stop by the MU Career Center for a CV or resume review.
  • Give your CV or resume to potential references. Ask, "Will you be able to write a STRONG reference letter for me?"