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Making Progress 

Typically, by the close of your second year you will be finishing up your coursework. Depending on whether you are a master's, ed specialist,or doctoral student, you also may be taking exams, proposing a research study, or outlining a final project or performance.  

Similar to making progress with courses, research, and scholarship, you will want to continue to build your repertoire of transferable skills.

5 key professional development activities at this stage:
Your "must do" Checklist:

  1. Meet with your primary mentor or adviser once a semester to talk about your professional development goals. 
  2. Record accomplishments on your inventory of transferable skills.  Set goals for adding new skills.
  3. Register for a leadership development program or course.
  4. Complete at least two transferable skill seminars each semester (or complete online modules.)
  5. Go to a career services office for feedback on your CV or research-focused resume.

Closely related to your professional development: 

  • Expand your professional network on LinkedIn.
  • Expand your professional network by joining the student division of one or more disciplinary societies.
  • Apply for travel funds to attend a national conference.
  • Explore career options within and beyond the academy with tools like O*Net Online.
  • Double-check your targeted deadlines for degree completion: When will you take comps? Obtain committee approval of your research? Conclude data collection and analysis? 
  • Analyze job ads to gain a sense of the job market and what employers seek.