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By now you are making good progress on your thesis or dissertation chapters. While you may continue to engage in in professional development activities, your time is limited. As a suggestion, during this stage you should be readying your job search documents.

Tip: if you will be pursuing an academic job, you should be applying for jobs as much as a year in advance of you desired starting date. 

5 key professional development activities at this stage:

  1. Continue to Teach/Mentor/Work/Outreach
  2. CV/resume updated with work experience and transferable skills.
  3. Attend a seminar on salary/benefit negotiation.
  4. Attend a seminar on loan repayment and financial planning for early retirement.
  5. Stay on track to earn your degree. 

Related to your job search

  • Organize all of your job search documents & portfolio (if applicable)
  • Confirm that your references are still willing to write letters & field phone calls.
  • Tap into your networks for job leads.
  • Search job databases. Set up job alerts. 
  • When you find a feasible position, apply!
  • Go to a career services office to conduct a mock interview.

BTW, related to degree completion: