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Your Professional Development Plan

By the time you depart MU, you need to possess a solid repertoire of transferable skills (a.k.a "soft" skills) that are in high demand by employers.

Time management will be the key: You are busy with family, research, classes, work, and community obligations. Unless you plan, you can run out of time for acquiring new skills and honing others. Here's a suggested course of action:

Step 1: Analyze employment ads to identify the transferable skills you will need for the type of position you will seek.

Step 2: Assess the scope of your transferable skills and leadership strengths.

Step 3: Talk with your mentor(s) about professional development.

Step 4: Set professional development goals in an Individual Professional Development Plan

Step 5: Evaluate your progress toward professional development goals and update your IPDP. 

Learn more about these 5 steps to individual professional development planning.