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PFF Required Activities

Elements of the course

Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) students must enroll in 1 credit hour for the fall and spring semester. The program begins in August and ends in May.

Class participation

Fellows are required to attend classes once a month for the duration of the program. 

Academic portfolio

Fellows will develop a portfolio documenting their teaching, research and outreach philosophies, activities and effectiveness.

Multi-campus experience with a faculty mentor

Fellows will visit partner institutions to gain exposure to alternative institutional contexts. The fellow and the partner-institution mentor will determine the exact nature and frequency of these visits. A partnership agreement form will be completed, and the student will provide feedback on the visit.

While at partner institutions, fellows might:

  • Discuss the institution’s mission and academic culture.
  • Explore faculty roles and expectations.
  • Research the institution’s history and student population.
  • Receive mentoring for teaching and service.
  • Teach a seminar, unit or course and receive feedback.
  • Attend faculty, committee or departmental meetings.
  • Participate in faculty development activities.

Professional development workshops

PFF workshops cover various aspects of academic careers. Different topics and presenters are highlighted each semester. Fellows must attend a minimum of two career workshops each semester.