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Minor in College Teaching Completion Requirements

Plan of study

  • The minor in college teaching (MICT) requires 9 credit hours. This includes a 3-hour core course, a practicum and 3-6 elective hours. Please review core course options, practicum guidelines and elective course options.
  • Learn about the application procedure before in your course work.
  • Students must submit a program completion form (PDF), along with the teaching portfolio, to the MICT program in the Graduate School, 210 Jesse Hall.

Learn more about completion requirements for graduate minors.

Elective hours

  • Students must complete a teaching practicum. The practicum may be arranged through a graduate course, if offered by the department. Enrollment in practicum credit hours is reflected on each student's official MU transcript.
  • Examples of 6 elective credit hours include enrollment and successful completion of:
    • 3-credit-hour practicum plus 3 hours of approved elective course work or
    • 6 credit hours of approved elective course work.
  • The 6-hour requirement is a minimum; students may complete additional elective hours if desired.
  • It is highly recommended that students enroll in The Professorate (Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis 9456), but it not a requirement.

Core courses (required minimum of 3 credit hours)

Students must complete one of the following core courses:

  • College Teaching (Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis, ED LPA 9448)
  • College Teaching of Agriculture (Agricultural Education, AG ED 8350)
  • College Science Teaching (Biological Sciences, BIO SCI 8724; cross referenced as Curriculum & Instruction, CI 8724)

Teaching practicum

See 'Guidelines for the Practicum' for more information. Students must complete the teaching practicum and teaching portfolio but are not required to officially register for the graduate courses below. Enrollment in practicum credit hours is reflected on one’s official MU transcript.

Practicum options

  • Agricultural Education Teaching Practicum (AG ED 8995)
  • Seminar in Communication Education (COMMUN 8220)
  • Internship in Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis (EL 9481)
  • Human Development & Family Studies Teaching Practicum (H D FS 9100)
  • Nursing Teaching Practicum (NURSE 8950)
  • Teaching of Philosophy (PHIL8210)
  • Internship: College Teaching in Special Education (SPC ED 9940)
  • Teaching of Psychology Practicum (PSYCH 9910)

Elective courses (total of 3-6 elective hours)

Teaching with technology elective courses offered

  1. College Teaching with Technology I (IS LT 7822)
  2. College Teaching with Technology II (IS LT 7823) Prerequisite: IS LT 7822

Disciplinary teaching elective courses offered

  • Agricultural Education
    • AG ED 8330 Advanced Methods of Teaching Agriculture
    • AG ED 8350 College Teaching of Agriculture
  • Animal Science
    • AN SCI 8725 Science outreach: Public Understanding of Science
  • Biological Sciences
    • BIO SC 8725 Science outreach: Public Understanding of Science
  • Learning, Teaching & Curriculum
    • LTC V 7810 Technology and Industry Education Methods
    • LTC V 7830 Curriculum Content in Marketing Education
    • LTC V 7840 Methods of Teaching Marketing Education
    • LTC 8712: Inquiry and the Science Curriculum
    • LTC 8900 Seminar in Curriculum and Instruction (same as Bio Sc 8725)
  • Classics
    • CLASS 7700 Advanced Study in the Teaching of the Classic
  • Educational Counseling Psychology
    • ESC PS 7100 Foundations of Educational Psychology
    • ESC PS 7115 Human Learning
    • ESC PS 8320 Advanced Human Learning
    • ESC PS 8350 Applications of Human Learning Principles
  • Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
    • ED LPA 9440 Race, Gender, and Ethnicity in Higher Education
    • ED LPA 9441 The Adult Learner
    • ED LPA 9442 Curriculum Philosophy and Development in Higher Education
    • ED LPA 9447 College Student Culture and Environment
    • ED LPA 9449 History of Higher and Continuing Education in the United States
    • ED LPA 9455 The Community College
    • ED LPA 9456 The Professorate
    • ED LPA 9459 Comparative and International Education
  • English
    • ENGLISH 7650 Principles of Teaching English as a Second Language
  • Information Science & Learning Technologies
    • IS LT 9471 Instructional Systems Design
  • Nursing
    • NURSE 8850 Teaching Nursing
    • NURSE 8852 Curriculum Development and Teaching Strategies
  • Philosophy
    • PHIL 8210 Teaching of Philosophy
    • PHIL 8220 Teaching of Philosophy II
  • Physics & Astronomy
    • PHYSCS 8040 Study of Techniques of Teaching College Physics
    • PHYSCS 8350 Science outreach: Public Understanding of Science
  • Psychological Sciences
    • PSYCH 9150 Human Learning and Memory
  • Romance Languages
    • RM LAN 7120 Foreign Language Teaching Methodology
  • Special Education
    • SPC ED 7375 Cross Categorical Special Education