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Self Study Mentoring Guides

Guides for Mentees (Grad Students & Postdocs)

University of Michigan How to get the Mentoring you Want pdf

University of Nebraska  Graduate Mentoring Guidebook

American Psychological Association Being a mentee - and a mentor article

Management Mentors 10 tips for the Corporate Mentee 

National Research Mentoring Network [diverity emphasis] offers videos on the NRMN’s YouTube channel and the NRMN/ iBiology Science Video Archive.

Worldbank Mentee Toolkit (general advice) pdf

Washington University  Graduate Student Peer Mentoring Handbook pdf

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Helping students: A peer mentoring approach page

Guides for Learning how to be a Faculty Mentor 

Center for Inproved Mentoring Experiences in Research Online Resources

University of Washington - The Graduate School Mentoring: A guide for faculty 

Vanderbilt Center for Teaching Mentoring Graduate Students pages

University of Illinois Graduate College Online faculty-staff toolkit

University of Michigan Center for Research on Teaching and Learning. Mentoring bibliography.

University of Louisville Faculty Mentoring resources

Council of Graduate Schools On the right track: a guide for research mentors booklet

 Dr. Becky Wai-Ling Packard Resources with a focus on diversity & persistence