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Residency Requirement Waiver

Waiving the residency requirement

Missouri law and University policy require that international teaching assistants (ITAs) meet language and cultural orientation requirements in order to teach at the University of Missouri. International graduate students are also required to attend a university in Missouri for one semester before taking a teaching appointment. The one-semester residency requirement is designed so that an international student can adjust to the differences presented by American academic life and culture. In addition, the international student will be able to observe how teaching at the University differs from teaching in his/her home country.

Neither the language proficiency nor the cultural orientation requirements can be waived, but under certain conditions the chancellor can waive the residency requirement. ITAP can request a waiver from the chancellor on behalf of an ITA. Waivers are not automatically granted. They are given only under the following conditions:

  1. The international student received a language assessment and has strong language skills for the type of teaching assignment she/he is receiving.
  2. The international student attended the Orientation for New International Teaching Assistants (ONITA) prior to the beginning of the semester he or she is to begin teaching.
  3. Representatives of the hiring academic department have provided evidence of the ITAs experience with the culture of the American university classroom.

In order to be considered for a waiver, the program must complete testing and submit the waiver application at least two weeks before the semester begins.