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Postdoctoral ITAP Policy

The University of Missouri has set policy that postdoctoral fellows who have teaching appointments at the University of Missouri will be evaluated for their English language skills by the International Teaching Assistant Program (ITAP).

  • This evaluation can consist of either the SPEAK test or the OPT test.
  • The OPT can be conducted in person or by videoconference.
  • In either case, the testing will be recorded and the ultimate evaluation by the ITAP director will be open to scrutiny by department chairs and deans.

Because of the nature of postdoctoral training and the qualifications that postdoctoral scholars bring to the university, the evaluation by ITAP will be considered advisory to the chair of the department, who will ultimately be responsible for determining the suitability of a postdoctoral fellow for classroom assignments.

ITAP will work with department chairs to ensure that evaluation of candidates can be done as efficiently as possible. Chairs will contact the director of ITAP as soon as they can, and will work with the ITAP director to find faculty and undergraduate students to assist with the evaluation so that testing can be done as quickly as possible.

Departments will keep both early student evaluations and semester-end student evaluations for postdoctoral fellows.