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ITAP Early Feedback

The International Teaching Assistant Program (ITAP) has several safeguards in place to support new international teaching assistants (ITAs) as they begin teaching. These include:

  • Early feedback on teaching.
  • A videotaped teaching observation.
  • An individual consultation on teaching.

Early feedback and teaching consultation

All first-semester and second-semester ITAs must participate in ITAP's Early Feedback program before the end of the fifth week of teaching as a continuation of their required cultural orientation. Those who don't receive significant feedback must participate in a pen-and-paper feedback process by the seventh week of teaching.

ITAP will review the feedback with the ITA in a confidential environment. This gives the ITA the ability to reflect on teaching effectiveness and comprehensibility.

Class or lab observation and teaching consultation

ITAP makes video recordings of both new and experienced ITAs and reviews the videos with them. The decision to require video evaluation and review may stem from low early feedback, an ITAP course requirement or a request by the department or the ITA.

ITAP guides the ITAs in critiquing their performance and offers suggestions for teaching development and improvement. The ITAs may use the consultation time to discuss any topics related to their teaching in a confidential environment.