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Graduate Assistant Teaching Orientation (GATO)

Dr. Mike Porter talking with TAs at orientation with animated hand gestures

Dr. Michael Porter (now Associate Professor Emeritus of Communication) emphasizing teaching points at GATO.

This free, one-day workshop is designed to help meet the needs of graduate students teaching for the first time at MU. Free breakfast and lunch are included. 

Students should register in advance.

Who should attend?

All Teaching Assistants (TAs) and Graduate Instructors (GIs) who have not taught at the University of Missouri previously are strongly encouraged to attend this seminar. Experienced Teaching Assistants and Graduate Instructors are also welcome to join in the day's sessions.

Topics throughout the years include:

  • How to Lead a Successful Discussion
  • Tools and Tips for Grading
  • Educational Technology and Teaching
  • Facing the Challenges of Being a Lab TA
  • Introduction to Teaching-Related Services on Campus

GATO for the Fall 2017 Semester is Friday, August 18, 2017 in the Arts and Science building.