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Designing Courses for Significant Learning

Kathryn Ingerslew stands in front of her poster and describes her course design at the Celebration of Teaching conference.

Kathryn Ingerslew describes her new course design.

This "Designing Courses for Significant Learning" course uses the principles of Integrated Course Design developed by L. Dee Fink*. In esssence, Fink's design principles apply to all courses regardless of method of delivery. The course is 100% online and is two weeks in duration.

In this course you will read lessons and apply the principles by designing a course of your own (e.g., one that you now teach or propose to teach in the future.)  It is appropriate for courses to be delivered face‐to‐face, online (blended/hybrid) or 100% online. 

Because the course is only two weeks in length, you will not have had the opportunity to design an entire course, but you will have had significant practice applying the principles to at least two modules, units or weeks of your course.

"Designing Courses for Significant Learning" may be completed at your own pace throughout the two‐week period. However, the course is designed to encourage active participation with colleagues in the discussion forums.

Because this is a fast‐paced course we advise that you closely follow the suggested schedule for completing course activities.  The six units must be completed sequentially. Key elements and documents in the course include: Getting Started Information, a Course Syllabus, Schedule of Activities, Learning Guides, Lessons, Application Activities and Discussion Forums for each Unit.  

Eligibility: Students must be nominated for this opportunity by their DGS or department chair. The announcement will be distributed early in the fall semester.  

* Fink, L.D. (2013) Creating significant learning experiences: an integrated approach to designing college courses. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass