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Teaching, Mentoring & Future Faculty Programs 

The Office of Graduate Studies has developed multiple programs intended to prepare well-rounded, ethical professionals who are prepared with the knowledge, skills and abilities to have productive careers at community colleges, regional intuitions and national research universities.

Preparing Future Faculty Program

The Preparing Future Faculty Program (PFF) helps doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows learn about faculty roles and job expectations and helps ensure that future faculty are prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Learn about PFF

Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning 

CIRTL provides graduate student, postdoctoral fellows and faculty the opportunity to participate and develop workshops, webinars and programming on teaching, learning and the scholarship of teaching and learning through the national CIRTL network and additional programming and teacher credentialing on the Mizzou campus.

Preparing Future Faculty Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

The PFF Postdoctoral Fellowship Program is an opportunity for recent Mizzou Ph.D. graduates and current Mizzou postdoctoral fellows to more fully prepare for an academic career. The program's application deadline occurs each spring for the following fall. Learn more about the PFF Postdoctoral Fellowship Program on the Office of Postcotoral Education site. 

International Teaching Assistant Program 

The International Teaching Assistant Program (ITAP) is responsible for ensuring, through education, assistance and assessment, that all teaching assistants, research assistants, graduate instructors and postdoctoral fellows who are non-native speakers of English communicate effectively and appropriately in the classroom as required by state law and university policy. Learn about ITAP:

Minor in College Teaching

Approximately 75 percent of faculty positions in the United States are held at institutions in which teaching and professional service are emphasized as much as or more than research. The minor in college teaching, available to all MU graduate degree-seeking students, helps prepare students to be effective educators. Learn about the MICT Program.

Orientation for Grad Teaching Assistants

  • Graduate Assistant Teaching Orientation (GATO). This free, one-day workshop is designed to help meet the needs of graduate students teaching for the first time at MU. Breakfast and lunch provided.  Go to GATO
  • Orientation for New International TAs & Instructors. ONITA takes place during the week before the start of any regular semester. The orientation is required for all* new international graduate students before the first semester of teaching or assisting with teaching at MU. Go to ONITA