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Small Group Communication

To be an effective team leader, you need great communication skills.
To be an effective team member, you need great communication skills.

But effective communicators do more than speak. They

Listen >> Think >> Respond

The resources on this page have been selected to help you build your interpersonal and team communication skills.

Graduate-level Courses

The following professional development courses are open to all graduate students across campus.

JOURN 8044 Strategic Communication Management (3 credit hours.) Strategic conflict management is a cross-disciplinary study that integrated organizational behavior, crisis management, conflict resolution and image repair. This course melds theory with practice, and is for those venturing into media management, law, and strategic communication.

PUB_AF 8610: Group Dynamics and Conflict Resolution (3 credit hours.) Focuses on the study of group psychology in the context of communities and organizations. It provides a specific examination of the emergence and resolution of conflict. Graded on A-

PUB_AF 8630: Organizational Change in a Community and Global Context (3 credit hours.) Examines changing organizations in their task environments, which include communities and the global economy. The phenomenon of ambiguous boundaries between public and private as well as nonprofit sectors will be investigated as these profound changes impact organizational behavior. Graded on A-F basis only.

For Online Learners

myLearn is an online learning system sponsored by the University of Missouri System. Grad students and postdocs employed at MU have free access to the learning modules. There's an extensive library on leadership, cultural competence, communication skills, business meetings, working on a teams, and more. To access myLearn, Go to Log in using your MU pawprint and password

Chancellor's Diversity Initiative and Mizzou Diversity

A variety of resources from the Chancellor's Diversity Initiative and Mizzou Diversity, offer grad students and postdocs an opportunity strengthen communication skills in the areas of inclusion, diversity awareness, and cross-cultural competence.