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Communication Courses

The following professional development courses are open to all graduate students. 

BIO_SC 8070: Professional Communication Development (1 credit hour.) The purpose of this course is to develop professional communication skills in students that are planning to attend (or are in their first year of) graduate training. Some sections may be offered with A-F or S/U grading option. Note: Enrollment limited to IMSD and PREP students.

BIO_SC 8725: Science Outreach: Public Understanding of Science (1-2 credit hours) (same as AN_SCI 8725, PHYSCS 8350 and LTC 8725). Development of presentations to adult audiences on the science underlying issues of current interest. May be repeated for credit.

BIO_SC 8726: Integrating Science with Outreach (1-6 credit hours) (same as LTC 8726). This course provides an opportunity for students to earn credit for outreach activities in the community. Students will capitalize on their area of study and scientific expertise in developing, implementing, and evaluating related outreach activities. May be repeated for credit.

JOURN 8044 Strategic Communication Management (3 credit hours.) Strategic conflict management is a cross-disciplinary study that integrated organizational behavior, crisis management, conflict resolution and image repair. This course melds theory with practice, and is for those venturing into media management, law, and strategic communication.

PUB_AF 8610: Group Dynamics and Conflict Resolution (3 credit hours.) Focuses on the study of group psychology in the context of communities and organizations. It provides a specific examination of the emergence and resolution of conflict. Graded on A-F basis only.

PUB_AF 8630: Organizational Change in a Community and Global Context (3 credit hours.) Examines changing organizations in their task environments, which include communities and the global economy. The phenomenon of ambiguous boundaries between public and private as well as nonprofit sectors will be investigated as these profound changes impact organizational behavior. Graded on A-F basis only.