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Conflict Resolution

Graduate Degree Programs

The following professional development courses are open to all graduate students across campus.

Law and Conflict Resolution Minor. This is a program for doctoral students at the School of Journalism to declare a Designated Minor in Law and Conflict Resolution by taking certain courses at the Law School. It is designed for doctoral students who are interested in teaching and researching in journalism and law and conflict resolution in a school of journalism or communication department. Under the program, students may receive the Designated Minor upon completion of at least 15 credits, including both core courses and at least 6 credits of electives at the Law School. The Designated Minor will appear on the student’s transcript.

Master's Degree in Conflict Resolution. The MU School of Law offers a master's level degee in conflict resolution, designed for students pursuing a career that will require an understanding of the legal environment of the media. Ideal for reporters, writers, editors, business, media management or strategic communications. 

Graduate-level Courses

The following professional development courses are open to all graduate students across campus.

JOURN 8044 Strategic Communication Management (3 credit hours.) Strategic conflict management is a cross-disciplinary study that integrated organizational behavior, crisis management, conflict resolution and image repair. This course melds theory with practice, and is for those venturing into media management, law, and strategic communication.

PUB_AF 8610: Group Dynamics and Conflict Resolution (3 credit hours.) Focuses on the study of group psychology in the context of communities and organizations. It provides a specific examination of the emergence and resolution of conflict. Graded on A-F basis only.

Related Campus Programs

Difficult Dialogs Program and Interactive Theater. In 2006, an interdisciplinary group implemented the Difficult Dialogs program that draws on specific strengths represented at MU: the top-ranked Center for the Study of Dispute Resolutionexternal linkThe Center on Religion and the Professionsexternal link; faculty leadership in the Carnegie/American Association of Higher Education cluster on the use of interactive theater to address multicultural issues; and Chancellor’s Diversity Initiativeexternal link

Today, the MU Interactive Theatre Troupe (ITT) performs interactive sessions on social justice issues such as race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. Although most people know what these issues are, they often have no idea how to discuss such controversial issues in a civil manner. ITT gives them the chance to practice these conversations in a safe space where it's okay to fail.  Learn more >>

Guiding Conflict Resolution. The Missouri Training Institute offers a course entitled "Guiding Conflict Resolution" as part of its supervisory certificate. Cost is $195. 

For Online Learners

Chancellor's Diversity Initiative and Mizzou DiversityAn online tutorial, Diversity, Difference and Conflict is available free from the Chancellor's Diversity Initiative. See their other training opportunities.

myLearn. myLearn is a comprehensive online learning system sponsored by the University of Missouri System. Grad students and postdocs employed at MU have FREE access to the learning modules. There's an extensive library including resources conflict resolution and communication skills. To access myLearn, Go to Log in using your MU pawprint and password