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Spoken Communication Skills

Female grad student in professional attire gesturing as she speaks

After you review several job postings, you will see a trend: employers across job sectors are seeking new hires with effective spoken (verbal) communication skills.

In fact, a recent employers' survey revealed that effective spoken communication skills ranked at the top of desired transferable skills. 

We classify spoken communication as a transferable skill because it is easy to adapt your verbal skills to any career in any job sector.  

Further, once you hone your ability to communicate effectively, you will be able to speak convincingly with board members, funders, administrators, supervisors, employees, colleagues, media, politicians, and/or the public. 

Recommendation: As part of your professional development plan, set a goal of improving your spoken communication skills. Attend seminars. Participate in a contest. Present your research at a professional conference.

The more you practice, the better you will become at spoken communications.

This section will point you toward resources for improving your presentation and public speaking skills with scholarly and public audiences.