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Online Meta-Analysis Course

Add meta-analysis to your research skill set!
This doctoral level course covers the entire process of conducting a quantitative synthesis. Students will conduct a pilot or full-scale meta-analysis on student-selected topics.
Course content:
  • problem definition and project management,
  • primary study inclusion criteria,
  • codebook development and data extraction,
  • management of primary study quality,
  • analyses using Comprehensive Meta-Analysis dedicated software (e.g., effect sizes, publication bias, measures of heterogeneity, moderator analyses),
  • interpretation of findings, and
  • threats to validity.
By the completion of this course, students be prepared to either draft a manuscript of their completed meta-analysis or to conduct a complete meta-analysis if they conducted a pilot study class project.
The course is distance-mediated, with synchronous activities via Blackboard on Wednesdays 9 am - 12 pm (central time).

Faculty Lorraine Phillips PhD RN is Associate Professor at the Mizzou School of Nursing. Dr. Phillips conducts meta-analysis research on physical activity interventions for older adults. She is Associate Director of the Mizzou Meta-Analysis Research Center.

Course is listed as N9550 Meta-Analysis Research (same as HDFS 9550). Prerequisites: 6 credits graduate statistics and graduate level quantitative methods course.
Contact: Meta-Analysis Research Center: