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Research & Analytical Skills

This section is designed to help you find online training and campus resources relative to (a) compliance, the Responsible Conduct of Research, and Institutional Review Boards and (b) research and statistical help. 

Research is a Transferable Skill 

The versatility of a research-based degree, bolstered by an array of transferable skills, will help you remain nimble and employable in an unpredictable job market? It's true. 

Let's "deconstruct" the term research and identify some of the skills that you have you acquired because you are a researcher. Can you:

  • frame a problem precisely?
  • critically read journal articles?
  • interpret data?
  • make date-driven decisions?

Numerous surveys have revealed that employers are seeking new hires who possess these (and other) research-related transferable skills.

Take home message: While you delve into that thesis or dissertation research, take stock of your many marketable skills that can readily transfer to employment across job sectors.   

Seeking Funds for Dissertation Research?

  • Try our Graduate Awards & Travel Scholarships page.
  • Check out our Proposal Writing Resources page.

Cyberinfrastructure Day 

CI Day is open to grad students and post-docs who are interested in using advanced computing technologies for research.

Learn more or register for the upcoming conference on the Division of IT's site.

Research Computing

The Division of Information Technology has a Research Support Computing group that provides computing support, training, and consulting to the MU research community.

Learn more about Research Computing at Mizzou.