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A Sustainable Model for Degree Programs: Peer Educators

It's easy to establish a sustainable peer education model for new students in your degree program! (It is also a great way to practice your teaching and leadership skills.)

Here's how it can work: 

  1. Late stage graduate students should talk with the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) about the training needs of incoming & early stage students.
  2. Together you will select the topic(s) to teach to entering students. (For example, CV basics.)
  3. Meet with staff from the the MU Career Center of Office of Graduate Studies to discuss your goals, professional development interests, schedule and learning material needs.
  4. Late stage students attend training to learn about the topic (such as CV basics) and obtain tips for effective teaching methods. Invite faculty & postdocs, too!
  5. After training, schedule a seminar for early stage students in your degree program.  
  6. In subsequent years, the cycle repeats. 

Good luck!