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What Participants Say About the Program

Interim President Mike Middleton in a frank conversation with GSLDP members

Interim President Mike Middleton and 2016 GSLDP members

I would recommend this program to anyone in my academic program as it not only provided me with a very enriching leadership training experience (never stop conducting the 360 assessment) but also put me in touch with graduate student leaders from each of the campuses. Thank you very much for orchestrating such a rewarding program, it has been a highlight of my graduate experience. (2016)

I would argue that GSLDP helped me imagine and see myself as a leader of others. Transitioning between working outside of academia to becoming an academic has created many doubts, anxieties, and questions. But this program helped me see myself from others' eyes and provided some of the tools I'll need to confidently lead in any setting. (2016)

I am committed to making my presence and voice known on campus, [by] participating in town hall meetings and mentoring undergraduate and master's students. (2015)

[I became] aware of different perspectives… I make more of an effort now to look for the perspectives that I didn't see before. (2015)

It broadened my ideas of what's possible for me to advance my career. I have a little more confidence to pursue things that I wouldn't have before. (2015)

Members of the 2015 Cohort around a table at UMKC creating a business model canvas,

On campus, I will become a mindful and intentional instructor, which can help me better teach students. At home, I will make a good balance between career and family. Because a good leader can not only lead in his/her career but also lead in his/her family. (2015)

Previously I was more comfortable operating when situations were black and white, [now] I'm better at operating with ambiguity. (2014)

[The program] helped me to understand my own perceived strengths and weaknesses are not what others see -- and I am stronger leader than I ever imagined. (2014)

I have more confidence in my ability and effectiveness as a leader -- with this gained confidence, I have no hesitation taking the lead. (2014) 

UM Participants' Overall reaction to the GSLDP

Comparing my leadership knowledge, skills and abilities before and after the GSLDP, 
I would say that I experienced…

2014 2015 2016

No personal or professional growth 

0 1 0

Moderate personal & professional growth 

8 6 9

Exceptional personal & professional growth 

7 7 9