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Related Graduate Certificates & Courses 

Graduate Certificates

Global Public Affairs Certificate. As organizations work to address contemporary policy issues,they continue  to seek managers and analysts who understand the processes and implications  of globalization and who are knowledgeable  about cultural, political and economic diversity and linkages. This certificate  focuses on acquiring an understanding of cultural  differences as well as academic knowledge relevant to public affairs. Both coursework and international experience are required  components. Learn more.

Graduate Courses

The following professional development courses are open to all graduate students across campus.

ED LPA 7458: Sociology of Education (3 credit hours.) (same as SOCIOL 7410; cross-leveled with SOCIOL4410). Contexts, structures and processes of schooling; effects on class, race, ethnicity and gender; social change, educational policy, and organizational dynamics; higher education and the economy.

ED LPA 9400: Social Theory in Education (3 credit hours.) Students will examine the relationship of society and education through a variety of theoretical perspectives and empirical studies. These theories deal with the relation of education to society as a whole, and the relation between education and the state. Graded on A-F basis only.

ED LPA 9406: Black Masculinity, Education, and Leadership (3 credit hours.) Taught as a Seminar in Educational Administration.

ED LPA 9440: Race, Gender, and Ethnicity in Higher Education (3 credit hours) (same as WGST 9440). Historical and current issues of race, gender, and ethnicity in colleges and universities in the U.S. Issues include: students, faculty, and staff experiences of diversity, access and equity, and salience of diversity in a higher education setting.

Pub_AF 8174: Social Policy (3 credit hours.) This seminar will examine the nature and extent of poverty in the U.S., its causes and consequences, and the antipoverty effects of existing and proposed government programs and policies.

Pub_AF 8173: Health Policy (3 credit hours) (same as P_HLTH 8300). This seminar will examine the health care system in the United States, including government funded programs, regulation of costs, and policies promoting health behaviors. the course will examine historical development, recent trends, and methods of health policy analysis.

Rel_ST 8005-1 Religion and Ethnic Identity  (3 credit hours.) This seminar will explore the construction of both ethnic and religious identity as well as the complex interaction between them. While the US will be the primary laboratory, the implications for other nations and their histories will also be emphasized.

Managmt 8100, Exploring the Digital Globe (3 credit hours.) Impacts of technological change and globalization are explored from the perspective of business, law and journalism. The first course required for the "CDiG certificate". Issues involving electronic commerce, digitization and globalization will be analyzed through online and in-class projects, class discussion and guest lectures.

Mrktng 8720, International Marketing (3 credit hours.) Strategic and managerial issues associated with international trade and international marketing. The course focuses on managerial decision making in the differing and complex environments across foreign markets, alternative methods by which firms enter foreign markets and the development and implementation of international marketing strategies.

PSYCH-9001 - Topics: Women's Professional Development: A Lifespan Prospective. Organized study of selected topics in psychology. Taught as a seminar course.