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Grant & Academic Writing Skills

You know that scholarly writing skills are critical to graduate students success. But did you also know that the ability to write in a clear and compelling manner is a skill in high demand by employers across job sectors? 

We classify the ability to write at a professional level as a transferable skill because graduate students should be able to apply their writing skills in any career and in any job sector.  

What if writing at a scholarly level is a challenge for you? 

Great News! The Office of Graduate Studies is pleased to announce that a number of campus offices now offer writing support services to graduate students. This section is designed to help you locate those resources -- and more!

A bit of advice...

Writer's block, procrastination, and lack of confidence plague all writers. Multiple strategies exist for overcoming writing challenges. We've listed several resources in this section. Try out a few and ultimately, you will figure out what works best for you.

Please don't isolate your self and get frustrated! Talk with your mentor(s). Join a writing accountability group. Pick up a writer's handbook.  

And return to this section from time to time, as we are developing more programs to help meet your writing needs. 

One more thing...

We have some terrific resources in a Canvas Organization called The Writers' Room. TWR is a signature program of the Graduate Student Association, that provides writing accountability groups and faculty-developed writing resources. You'll find an abundance of materials to take you through your master's, EdS or doctoral program. There's tools for writing abstracts, outlines, literature reviews, theses/dissertations, journal articles, scholarly presentations/posters and teaching the public about research findings. 

Accessing TWR resources in Canvas

  1. Click this link
  2. You will land on the UM System authentication page. 
  3. Login with your Mizzou ID and password. 
  4. A page will open in Canvas inviting you to enroll in The Writers' Room.
  5. Click "Enroll in Course" (Don't worry - this is a group, not a course!)

You will immediately see the resources. The next time you login to Canvas, TWR will be listed with your other Canvas Organizations.