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Related Graduate Courses

These professional development courses are open to all graduate students across campus.

Financ 7201: Investing in Start-up Ventures (3 credit hours.) Offered as a Topics Course.   

JOURN 9087: Professional Seminar on Entrepenuership (1 credit hour.) Weekly discussion session for doctoral students. Graded on S/U basis only.

Mangmt 8001-1: Intrapreneurship (3 credit hours.) Offered as a topic course.

Mangmt 8054: Entrepreneurship & Media of the Future (3 credit hours) (same as JOURN 8054). This course will give students an intense hands-on experience in working with real entrepreneurs on complex business problems in the journalism field. Example companies are the Associated Press, Kachingle, the Chicago Sun-Times, Spot-Us and the Media Policy Center. The goal is to offer a solution or solutions to the stated problem, and to present these ideas in a competitive, symposium environment. Graded on A-F basis only.

Mangmt 8540: Entrepreneurial Ventures ( 3 credit hours.) Analysis of management challenges facing entrepreneurial startups and alternative strategic responses to those challenges. Views issues from multiple functional perspectives to design cross-functional solutions to entrepreneurial problems.

Mangmt 8550: Launching a High Growth Venture (3 credit hours.)  An experiential learning course using a business plan competition to simulate planning and securing capital for high-growth ventures. Participants with management, marketing or finance interests learn skills for preparing and presenting business plans to investors.

Mangmt 8560: Legal Strategies of Entrepreneurs (3 credit  hours.) The study of how legal decisions affect a business organization of various transitional states of development, from start up to going public. Designed for both MBA and Law students, who work together planning legal transitions of a business.

PUB_AF 7700: Social Entrepreneurship. Additional information forthcoming.