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Thesis & Dissertation

Body Format for Thesis or Dissertation

General Formatting Information Save as: “research.pdf” Students are to follow the style manual recommended by their academic program. Margins: Left Margin – 1.5 inches; Top, Bottom, and Right Margins – 1 inch Line Spacing: All standard text should be double-spaced. References, bibliographic works, and endnotes should be consistent with the formatting standards of your selected

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Conflict of Interest and Student Interaction with Industry

The University of Missouri encourages students to seek experiences in the private or public sector that enhance and complement their academic program and demonstrate its relevance. However, the University of Missouri is responsible for the education and training of graduate students and for facilitating the process for them to complete their degree in a timely

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Electronic Dissertation and Thesis Basics

The master’s degree student When required for a master’s program, a thesis must be written on a subject approved by the student’s thesis committee. It must be the student’s own work and must demonstrate a capacity for research and independent thought. In addition to these guidelines, master’s students should also consult: Thesis process Academic process

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Supplemental Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Materials

Multimedia files Multimedia files may be included with your research file, and submitted by uploading to Canvas along with the research file. Alternatively, they can be submitted to our office on a CD. Only the following formats are acceptable for multimedia files: Images: GIF (.gif), JPEG (.jpg), pdf (.pdf), TIFF (.tif) Video: Apple Quicktime (.mov),

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Supplemental Materials for Thesis and Dissertation Submission

Additional materials for thesis and dissertation submission Thesis/Dissertation Processing Fee Statement Form This fee is used to pay for the service that archives all theses and dissertations submitted to the University of Missouri. Publishing Agreement Form The purpose of this form is to obtain your signed approval to allow the company that does all of

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Technology and Your Thesis or Dissertation Supplemental Materials Submission

Portable Document Format (pdf) All thesis and dissertation materials must be submitted in pdf format. pdf files can be created with a variety of programs, including word processors (e.g. Microsoft Word) and full versions of pdf editors (e.g. Adobe Acrobat). MU’s computer labs feature the full versions of both Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat. There

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