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Privacy & Student Rights

Commencement Ceremony Participation

Certificate recipients There is no ceremony for students earning only a graduate certificate at this time. Students graduating in the current term Students are who are completing a graduate degree in the fall or spring term are eligible to participate in the fall or spring ceremony respectively provided that they: Have the necessary degree paperwork on file.

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Conflict of Interest and Student Interaction with Industry

The University of Missouri encourages students to seek experiences in the private or public sector that enhance and complement their academic program and demonstrate its relevance. However, the University of Missouri is responsible for the education and training of graduate students and for facilitating the process for them to complete their degree in a timely

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Forming a Doctoral or Thesis Program Committee

Every graduate student must form a faculty committee to oversee the process of thesis or dissertation completion. A thesis committee is composed of three members of the MU faculty: a major advisor from the academic program, a second reader from the academic program and an outside reader who is a member of the graduate faculty

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