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Leaves of Absence

For graduate assistants, instructors and fellows

Graduate students are responsible for resolving all issues pertaining to their support (assistantship, fellowship, etc.) with their advisors before taking any approved leave of absence. Issues may include the date when support will be terminated and under what conditions students may be reinstated.

Notifying administrators

A graduate assistant unable to fulfill the duties of an appointment because of illness or injury or because of a birth or adoption must notify the unit administrator as soon as possible.

Assessing the duration and nature of the leave

The appointing unit may adjust the graduate assistant’s workload duties as the assistant’s circumstances reasonably dictate. If total absence from duties is necessary but the graduate assistant is still enrolled, the major unit will hold the appointment for a period of two months, until the end of the appointment period or until the end of the semester, whichever occurs first.

The graduate assistant has the right to return to the assistantship, within the original terms of the appointment, when able to resume duties.

Re-entry process

Before the completion of the leave of absence, the student must notify the academic program’s director of graduate studies (DGS) and the Graduate School so that the re-entry process can be initiated.