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Online Course Design forĀ GTAs

Designing Courses for Significant Learning

Would you like to know how to develop a new course from the bottom up?

The UM Office of Academic Affairs is seeking gradaute TAs from all four UM campuses to participate in a 2 week, online course that teaches the basics of designing your own course. This course is for advanced graduate students who need to create a new course and for those wanting to enhance teaching skills before entering the job market.

The course is 100% online. It includes lessons, articles, activities, application activities, discussions quizzes, and resources.

It is appropriate for course delivered face‐to‐face, face‐to‐face and online (blended/hybrid) or totally online.

Designing Courses for Significant Learning uses the principles of "Integrated Course Design" developed by L. Dee Fink. A description of this course is below from the Optimize Learning website (

There is no cost to graduate students. The course will be offered at three different times during the spring semester 2016: January 13 ‐ 27, 2016; February 10‐24, 2016 and March 9‐24, 2016. Students must be nominated for this opportunity by their DGS or department chair.

 Application Process and Requirements (Designing Courses for Significant Learning)

 1.  Students must be nominated for this opportunity by their DGS or department chair. The nominator should provide a statement detailing why this student would particularly benefit from taking this course, at this time.

 2.  Students will provide a statement describing their teaching experiences, their future plans and how they anticipate this course will benefit them and their career, at this time.

 3.  Students will rank their cohort preferences on the application form.

 4.  Submit a completed application form and the above letters as a single PDF document to Special consideration will be given to students nearing the end of their degree program.

 5.  Applications are Due by October 30, 2015