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What to expect


The Mizzou 3MT competition rounds will be held in a campus auditorium. Depending on the location we are able to reserve, you may be presenting from a stage, but without a podium. Your one slide will appear on a screen behind you. There are no microphones so be prepared to speak loudly so that you can be heard and understood clearly. 

Types of 3 MT Rounds

The number of contestants will dictate the number and type of rounds we hold. Generally, we plan on one to two nights of preliminary rounds, and a 3MT final round. Depending on the number of preliminary rounds we need to schedule, we may add a semi-final round.  

Recommended Attire

We recommend professional or business attire. No jeans, please. Truman's Closet is service for Mizzou students who wish to borrow business attire for special events and job interviews.

Procedure for all Rounds 

  • You must present your three minute speech during your assigned dates/times. 
  • On the date(s) of the competition, check in at the registration desk 45 minutes prior to your scheduled speaking time.
  • We will ask you to sign a photo/video release. You may decline, but mark your form accordingly.
  • Report to your presentation room 30 minutes prior to speaking. Check your presentation slide. (You submit your presentation slide at the time you confirm, so it will be pre-loaded onto a computer.)
  • You must remain in the room until dismissed.
  • A timekeeper will notify you when it is your time to present. Move to the front of the room.
  • When the judges are ready, the timekeeper will tell you that you may commence with your presentation.
  • Once you begin speaking, continue to deliver your entire speech. Even if you lose your place, the clock will continue to run. You cannot restart.
  • The timekeeper will hold up a 30-second warning sign to let you know that you are nearing the 3 minute mark. 
  • The timekeeper will stop you at exactly 3 minutes. At that point, all you can say is "thank you."
  • If you keep talking and exceed three minutes, you will be disqualified.
  • After each round, the panel of judges will convene to make decisions.
  • While the judges convene, you may leave the room. It is suggested that you stay nearby.

Announcement of Winners

  • Everyone will be invited back into the room for to hear the judging results. 
  • At the preliminary rounds and semi-final rounds (if offered), the names of contestants who advance will be announced.
  • At the final event, plaques and cash prizes will be awarded for first place, runner up and People's Choice award. 
  • The Mizzou 3MT winner will become eligible to represent the University of Missouri at regional and national competitions, expenses paid.
  • Cash prizes will be processed after the event.