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Learning Outcomes

The overarching aim of Mizzou 3MT® is for graduate students to acquire effective public speaking skills.

This professional development program includes storytelling training; presentation seminars; practice sessions with feedback; individual consultation with feedback; and a fall public speaking competition, Mizzou 3MT®. 

Learning Outcomes 

A student who fully participates in the program will be able to: 

  • capture and hold the attention of a large audience;
  • effectively use voice inflection, body language and gestures to teach;
  • create an educational visual aid in support of a presentation;
  • deliver a message that will be retained by the audience; and
  • articulate how her/his research benefits society (broader impacts).

Mizzou 3 MT winner Arianna Soldati delilvering her presentation with the projection light across her face and slide behind her.

Reaping the Benefits of Public Speaking

Conquering your fear of public speaking - and honing your talent - will set you apart on the job market: Multiple surveys have shown that verbal communication skills are in high demand by employers across job sectors.

Once you develop the ability to communicate your ideas effectively, you will be able to apply the skill during job interviews, conference presentations, classroom instruction, or pitching your innovation to potential investors.