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How to enter Mizzou 3MT®

July-October Activities: 

October Deadlines (Required): 

  1. October 9: Advisor Consent from must be submitted by midnight to
  2. October 9: Mizzou 3MT Registration form must be submitted
  3. October 10 or 24 or 26: Attend one Mizzou3MT®  practice session
  4. October 20: Deadline for your signed D3 form to be filed with the Office of Graduate Studies.
  5. October 23: Confirm your assigned presentation time with the with the Mizzou3MT® Committee no later than 5 PM.
  6. October 23: You MUST submit your one presentation slide that will be used for the entire competition. Your name and presentation title must be on the slide. Submit your slide by 5 pm to No changes after this date!

IMPORTANT: After you are notified of your presentation time, you must (a) reconfirm your participation and (b) submit your one slide by 5 PM on Monday October 23. If you fail to do this, you will not be able to participate in Mizzou 3MT. No exceptions.