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Funding Sources for Graduate Education

Fellowships are a type of aid granted to graduate students to help support their education. Some fellowships include a tuition waiver or a payment to the university in lieu of tuition. Most fellowships include a small stipend to cover living expenses. Finding funding for education can sometimes be a daunting task for students of underrepresented and underserved populations. To help alleviate some of the time spent searching for relevant scholarships and fellowships, we offer the following tailored fellowships and opportunities lists based on the following categories: Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Life Sciences, Engineers, and a conglomerate of all the lists. Note: The deadlines for each of the fellowships are updated annually, and may not reflect the most current deadline.  

This page provides current funding opportunities for graduate education from internal and external sources.

Funding opportunities for travel to conferences available through University of Missouri can be found here.

Funding from various external sources can be found here.

More information on fellowships can be obtained by visiting Mizzou's Fellowship Office.

Also, a comprehensive database of funding opportunities and an expertise database to help you identify potential collaborators within MU and at institutions around the world is available through the Pivot Funding Opportunities Database.