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McNair Directory

Annually, the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) and the Council for Opportunity in Education (COE) collaborate to produce the national McNair Scholars Directory. The Directory is a database of Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program scholars projected to graduate this year or next year. The database serves as a valuable recruitment tool by allowing Graduate School deans and fellowship program directors to directly contact a cohort of highly talented and motivated students. To find out more about the advantages of recruiting McNair scholars, please click here Document is available for download (.pdf) to download the COE-CGS McNair brochure.

The Directory includes student names, contact information, undergraduate major and graduate field of interest identified by the GRE taxonomy codes and undergraduate research presentations. By manipulating the directory by the GRE codesDocument is available for download (.pdf) or by state, Graduate school deans can directly recruit students interested in a particular area of study or from a particular region. By sorting on areas of interest or fields of study, relevant data can be batched and disseminated in a manageable format to Department Chairs to share with faculty.

Click here Document is available for download (.xls) to download the Ronald E. McNair Scholars Directory (2016-2017).

NOTE — To ensure protection of student information captured in the McNair Directory, the Excel file is password protected. The password is being distributed to accredited post-secondary institutions of higher education and their graduate programs though the Council of Graduate Schools. If you require the password, please contact NaTashua Davis at ( 

The above-mentioned password will allow you to access the file in a “read-only” format. You do not need a second password to access the file in this way. Once you have opened the file as “read-only,” save it to a secured directory or folder on your desktop by using the “Save As” function under the “File” tab in Excel. Data in the “read-only” version of the directory can be manipulated. However, no changes can be saved to the original document.

COE asks that the Directory be used appropriately and specifically. Please refrain from sending out mass messages to students. The Directory should be used as a targeted recruitment tool for graduate programs that match students’ fields of interest as specified in the database. Reports of abuse will result in future restriction to the McNair Scholars Directory.