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Promoting a diverse campus community
In order to promote diversity on campus, an integral part of Mizzou’s mission, values and efforts toward a more inclusive graduate community, the Office of Graduate Studies houses the Center for Inclusive Excellence in Graduate Education (CIE). The Office of Graduate Studies is dedicated to enhancing the intellectual stimulation that comes from a diverse campus community.
CIE's goal is to promote a diverse campus community through engagement with current and future students; partnerships with faculty and staff; and presentations/workshops that further knowledge of the value of diversity in graduate education, and provide information for underrepresented students about navigating graduate admissions' processes. The diversity initiatives offered by CIE involve all phases of graduate education - recruitment, admissions, retention, and degree completion - as well as addressing issues of campus climate. CIE is led by Dr. Raquel A. Arouca, the Director of Recruitment, Retention, and Diversity Initiatives.

An end-of-semester message from the Director

The end of the semester and winter break are upon us. As I write this, I have been at Mizzou for 180 days 2 hours and 53 minutes! I am still learning all MU has to offer, and meeting people who are vital for the support of our diverse students.

The highlights of these almost six months are: working with undergraduate students who are interested in graduate education, and being able to mentor them towards that goal; journeying alongside incoming graduate students as they test the waters of graduate education at MU - facilitating a Grad Welcome Group for six-weeks at the beginning of the semester, and alongside my First Year Fellows during our monthly meetings; and meeting 12 prospective new Tigers in my TigerView campus visitation program. From the staff and faculty side, the highlights have been all the opportunities for collaboration and synergy with graduate programs and programs that support our graduate students - Counseling Center, Career Services, Office for Financial Success, and many more.

On December 4th, I will have an opportunity to bring together several of the students I worked with this semester for a holiday party. Who knows, I may have some surprise prizes for those who attend! However, the main goal for the gathering is to provide an informal venue where they can interact, exchange information, and relax.

I am now turning my focus to planning for the Spring semester. One of my priorities is to convene an Advisory Board to provide guidance in the development of a program that fosters leadership skills and activities/efforts to create a sense of belonging for underrepresented and diverse graduate student groups at MU. The board will be composed of 7 graduate students; requirements for board membership are being a) a graduate student in good standing at MU, and b) from an underrepresented group in graduate education. The goal is to have 5 meetings during the spring semester to guide in the development of a pilot program to be started in Fall 2019. I will be accepting nominations, including self-nominations, until December 7. Please send a Résumé or CV and short statement addressing your interest in the board to All nominees will be informed by December 11 on board membership status, and those asked to serve will have a chance to confirm acceptance or decline at that time.

I end this with a wish for safe travels to you and your family and a great holiday season.


Raquel A. Arouca, PhD

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A More Inclusive Graduate Community


The Center for Inclusive Excellence in Graduate Education (CIE) offers the following programs to provide a more inclusive graduate community at Mizzou:
For more information on diversity, inclusion, and equity efforts at the University of Missouri at large, please visit the Division of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity’s website.