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Promoting a diverse campus community
The Office of Graduate Studies is dedicated to enhancing the intellectual stimulation that comes from a diverse campus community. To promote such a diversity on campus, and integral to Mizzou’s mission, values and efforts toward a more inclusive graduate community, the Office of Graduate Studies' Center for Inclusive Excellence (CIE) in Graduate Education offers several diversity initiatives.
CIE's goal is to promote a diverse campus community through engaging current and future students; partnering with faculty and staff; and presenting workshops towards to further our diversity initiatives on recruitment, admissions, retention, campus climate, and completion. CIE is led by Dr. Raquel A. Arouca, the Director of Recruitment, Retention, and Diversity Initiatives.

A welcome from the Director

Greetings and thank you for taking the time to look into the Inclusive Excellence webpage.

I would like welcome you to Fall 2018 at Mizzou! This will be my first semester as a Tiger and I look forward to learning a lot more about the city, campus community, and interact with our diverse community of scholars and future scholars. Before introducing myself, I would like to acknowledge that the university is located in the territory that was once home of the Missouria, Illini, and Osage tribes.

Originally from Brazil, I have spent the last sixteen years in graduate school or working at the University of Montana. I am excited to get to know a new part of the United States and the diversity in the Mizzou campus. I strongly believe that a diverse intellectual community provides enrichment to the lives and careers of students and to all who interact with that community. However, it is important that we CARE for that community. This is my badly written pun for my vision for the future of CIE.

In the position of Director of Recruitment, Retention, and Diversity Initiatives, I hope to further graduate education for underrepresented students through:

Connection: building relationships to support undergraduate and graduate students from choosing a graduate program to attaining the degree.

Advocacy: promoting the value of graduate education, diversity, and best practices for mentoring, and supporting underrepresented minorities.

Removing barriers: addressing accessibility to graduate education.

Engagement: investing in the relationships with students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni and alumnae, and community to support a diverse campus community.

This can only be accomplished through engagement with you, MU's wonderfully diverse student body, so that I can learn what your needs are, and create programs to help address those needs. Therefore, I invite you to the CIE Open House either September 5 or 6 (more information below in the upcoming events section). I hope to see you soon! And since you are here, take a look at the current CIE programs in this next session.


Raquel A. Arouca, PhD

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