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Determination of Eligibility for the Tuition Support Program

If you have any questions while completing this form, please contact the Tuition Support Program coordinator at 573-884-2326.

Determination form instructions

Items 1-7 must filled out by the student's employing department. Departmental fellowships or scholarships must be filled out by the host department.

  1. Check the semesters in which the department will employ the student. The dates should match the Personnel Action Form (PAF) and the appointment dates that are listed under assistantship information on this form. If you do not know whether the student will be employed in the second semester, do not check the box. Send another form later when a new PAF has been completed.
  2. Student name (last name first) should match the name on the PAF. Some students may use a middle or nickname. If a student changes his or her last name in the middle of the semester, please notify the Graduate School as soon as possible.
  3. Provide a Mizzou ID number or eight-digit student number. This should match the student’s emplid in Payroll and the student’s PAF.
  4. Provide the student’s old Legacy six-digit student number if the student has been at MU since before fall 2007.
  5. The academic degree home on the Determination of Eligibility form should match the academic degree home in the student information system. Do not include the area of study.
  6. Provide the name and phone number of the person in the employing department who is completing the form for the student and who is knowledgeable about the assistantship and the waiver. 
  7. Assistantship or fellowship
    1. If the student has an assistantship, please provide all of the following information:
      • Title - In order to qualify for support, a student must have a title designated by the Graduate Faculty Senate (title code in the brackets must match the PAF).
      • Appointment dates - Dates should match the semester(s) checked for part 1 and must match the PAF. If the appointment is for part of a semester, partial support may be given. Partial support will be pro-rated by the number of days worked compared to the number of total working days in the semester.
      • Amount - Write the amount the student will be paid for the total appointment duration, no less than the required minimum stipend.
      • FTE - Please provide the full-time equivalent under which the student will be employed. For example, 10 hours a week is 0.25 FTE, and 20 hours a week is 0.50 FTE. If the student has different FTEs for two semesters, please fill out two different lines. The minimum FTE is 0.25.
      • Funding source - Indicate whether the student is going to be funded from a grant/contract.
    2. If the student has a departmental fellowship or scholarship, please provide:
      • Name of the fellowship/scholarship
      • Beginning and ending dates of the fellowship/scholarship
      • Amount of funding provided, with the minimum amount being no less than the equivalent salary value of a 0.25 FTE assistantship per semester.
  8. The student's academic program chair must sign the form.

Tuition Support Program eligibility