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Qualifying Titles for Graduate Assistants and Fellows

Holding one of the titles below qualifies a graduate student for both that Graduate Tuition Support Program and a student medical insurance subsidy:

  • 4717 Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • 4715 Graduate Research Assistant
  • 4685 Graduate Instructor
  • 4690 Graduate Library Assistant
  • 4680 Graduate Fellow


Departments' expectations for their graduate students vary. Generally, a student who holds any of the above qualifying titles should expect to complete a particular task, such as teaching a class or running an experiment, to gain relevant career experience and to develop a relationship with a mentor for the overall pursuit of their academic degree.

A quarter-time appointment requires an average of 10 hours per week. A half-time appointment requires an average of 20 hours per week. Enrollment requirements are determined by individual departments.

Graduate assistantships

Examples of teaching assistant or instructor tasks:

  • Teach one to two 3-hour classes
  • Teach one to two 5-hour language classes
  • Lead one to five discussion or laboratory sections of a course
  • Proctor and grade large lecture exams
  • Prepare and grade lab exams

Examples of research assistant tasks:

  • Assist faculty with research activities that vary from providing assistance with proposal development through participating in preparation of research reports for refereed journals
  • Help students and faculty use microscopes, computers and other lab equipment
  • Help solve assigned research and class problems
  • Possibly teach one class or some lab sections

Examples of library assistant tasks:

  • Keep library open and staffed to assist users
  • Catalog new acquisitions
  • Check out assigned readings

Examples of graduate fellow tasks:

Responsibilities are determined by departments and are based on specific arrangements made on an individual basis. Required enrollment is generally six to 12 hours per semester. Post-comp doctoral students are required to maintain continuous enrollment.

Continuous enrollment

Doctoral students must register on myZou every semester to maintain doctoral candidacy and retain access to campus resources.

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