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Tuition Support Program Coverage & Billing

Tuition Support Program Coverage

The tuition support pays only up to the grad student rate for eligible courses. Courses with a higher tuition rate are covered up to the grad rate, and the student or the student's department is responsible for the difference.


Resident tuition and non-resident fees.

Not covered

Incidental fees, including, but not limited to, information technology, activity, health, recreation center or supplemental course fees.


Tuition support for Missouri resident tuition and non-resident fees will be provided for qualifying individuals from the Tuition Support Program except in cases where resident tuition is paid from other sources, such as grants and contracts.

Tuition support for non-resident fees will be provided to qualifying students, based on the eligibility criteria, who are supported by funded research, training grants or contracts.

Eligible course work

The tuition support applies only to courses applicable and relevant to the student's degree program and approved by the student's adviser.

The courses for which students receive support are checked after the add/drop period in a semester. If a course is determined to be ineligible, the Graduate Student Tuition Support coordinator will remove the support associated with the ineligible course, and the student will be responsible for the tuition and fees associated with that course.


Students should check with their departments to make sure the tuition support form has been sent to the tuition support coordinator and that the form has been processed before the first payment is due.

Students are responsible for incidental fees, such as student activity, student health, recreation facility and information technology fees, as well as college-specific supplemental course fees, unless another arrangement is made, such as the department covering these incidental fees. Students are charged a late payment fee if they do not make a payment by the due date. In addition, students are charged a 1 percent finance charge for any balance carried forward to the next month.

Please note that students are responsible for making sure fees are paid and are charged a late payment fee if they do not make a payment by the due date. For more information, please check with the  Office of Cashiers.