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Graduate Student Medical Insurance Subsidy Program



Qualifying graduate assistants, fellows and instructors may be eligible for a medical insurance subsidy. To apply for the subsidy program, a graduate student must meet the following requirements:

  • Enrollment in Student Accident and Sickness Insurance, which is available to all Mizzou students.
  • Position as an assistant or instructor at least a quarter time (25 percent FTE, or 10 hours per week) with a minimum salary or stipend amount set each year by the University budget office per semester, or a fellowship with the same minimum stipend level.
  • A qualifying title, as defined by the Graduate Faculty Senate.
  • Enrollment in a graduate degree program, working toward a master’s, doctoral or educational specialist degree. Professional degree students (law, medicine, veterinary medicine) are not eligible for this subsidy from the Graduate School.

Grant-funded assistantships

If a research assistantship is paid by a grant written after 2002, the insurance premium may be charged against the grant. The premium must be included in the budget for the grant. The grant is charged for the insurance subsidy at the end of each semester, and the charge is pro-rated over all qualifying appointments.

Single-semester positions

An insurance subsidy may be applied to a student's account even if the student has a qualifying position for only one semester. Students may enroll in the policy annually, for the fall semester only or for spring and summer semester together. 

The subsidy will apply only for the semester during which the student holds an assistantship. The student is responsible for paying the insurance premium for all other semesters.

A student who holds a qualifying position in the spring semester automatically receives insurance coverage and the subsidy for the summer even without a qualifying summer position.

More about policy enrollment »

Signing up

After enrolling in the accident and sickness insurance plan, qualifying students should e-mail the coordinator, Karen Gruen, at to request the subsidy.

The subsidy will be credited to the student's university account after enrollment in the insurance policy and eligibility for the subsidy program have been verified.  It usually takes approximately 1-2 weeks from the time the student enrolls in the insurance and the charge is added to their student account to when they will see the insurance subsidy credit on their account.