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Student Medical Insurance Costs & Coverage

The cost of the insurance premium depends on the choice of plan, the duration of coverage and the number of family members covered. Consult the Aetna website for detailed information about:

  • Types of plans
  • Rates
  • Dates of coverage
  • Online enrollment
  • Provider/doctor search
  • Prescription benefits
  • Travel assistance

Dates of coverage

Domestic students

Fall semester and annual coverage for domestic students begins Aug. 15. If you enroll after Aug. 15 but before the September deadline, coverage is retroactive, beginning Aug. 15. Annual domestic insurance coverage ends Aug. 14. Fall semester coverage ends in early January, and spring/summer semester coverage begins right after the fall semester coverage ends, so there is no lapse in coverage, as long as the student enrolls by the spring enrollment deadline.

International students

Coverage begins Aug. 1. If you enroll after Aug. 1 but before the September deadline, coverage is retroactive, beginning Aug. 1.  The fall coverage ends Dec. 31, and the spring insurance begins Jan. 1.  The spring/summer insurance coverage ends July 31.

Payment dates

If you enroll in the insurance policy through the Office of Cashiers or through MyZou and the premium is added to your student account, your first payment will be due when your first university bill is due.

If you enroll directly with the insurance company, you must send the entire premium to company by their deadline.

MU Student Health fee

The Student Health Center is available to all full-time students, and the mandatory student health fee is automatically charged to accounts of graduate students taking at least seven hours of courses.

Part-time graduate students who do not want to use the Student Health Center and do not pay the student health fee can enroll in the insurance policy but will pay a higher deductible.

Pre-existing conditions

A pre-existing condition is any injury, sickness or condition for which medical advice or treatment was received within 12 months prior to the covered person’s effective date of insurance.  The pre-existing condition limitation does not apply to covered person younger than 19 years old.


The domestic plan provides portability of coverage as it relates to "pre-existing" health conditions:

  1. If, at the time of enrollment, you have not been covered by prior creditable coverage, this policy will not cover pre-existing conditions until you have continuous coverage for 12 months under this policy.
  2. If you were covered by prior creditable coverage any time within the last 12 months and you enroll in this plan within 30 days of having coverage under the previous plan, then any limitation as to a pre-existing condition under this plan will not apply for that person. To obtain credit for previous coverage, you must provide evidence of "prior creditable coverage" within 30 days of enrollment in this policy.  Please see the Aetna insurance brochure for definition of prior creditable coverage.


The international plan provides benefits for pre-existing conditions up to $3,500 for covered services.

A listing of participating providers is available at the Student Health Center or through the Aetna Web site.

Coverage for children

If you cannot afford the premium the insurance plan that provides coverage for your children, you may choose state coverage. The State of Missouri offers a Health Insurance Program for Children, entitled MC + for Kids for low-income families who do not have access to affordable health insurance. This program does not count student loans, grants, work-study, fellowships or parental support as income to meet the low-income eligibility requirement.

Coverage outside the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) region

The Aetna Student Health Web site details Travel Assistance Services.

Undergraduates plan

The insurance policy offered to graduate students is the same as that offered to all students across campus.