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National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship ProgramĀ (GRFP)

About the GRFP

This national fellowship provides three years of financial support for beginning graduate study leading to a research-based degree in biological sciences, computer sciences, chemistry, engineering, geosciences, information science, social sciences, life sciences, mathematics, psychology, physics, astronomy or STEM Education. The $34,000-per-year fellowships are intended for seniors who will begin graduate study the following fall and early stage graduate students. Awarded fellows also receive a 3-year tuition waiver! About 2,000 fellowships are offered. Must be a U.S. citizen, national or permanent resident alien. Read eligibility details in the official GRFP Solicitation in the left column on the Fastlane GRFP page.

GRFP Essay Insights - Applicant Resources includes writing worksheets for the GRFP statements, broader impact ideas, tips for selecting references and a self-assessment rubric for critiquing your statement drafts.

Upcoming GRFP Sessions at Mizzou: 

  • NSF GRFP - Should I Apply?* (1/2 hour)
  • NSF GRFP: 4 Steps to a Winning Application* (1 hour)
  • NSF GRFP: Writing Your Graduate Research Statement (1.5 hours)
  • NSF GRFP: Writing Your Personal Statement (1.5 hours)
  • NSF GRFP: Adding Broader Impacts that Impress Reviewers! (1 hour)
  • NSF GRFP Statements: 20 Minute Feedback Sessions (drop in clinics)

*Interested Mizzou students should attend one of the information sessions to learn about eligibility. All sessions are open to STEM researchers and social science researchers.

Sign up for one or more sessions today at

Personal Consultation: Make an appointment with Dr. Linda Blockus, Mr. Tim Parshall or Dr. Susan Renoe to receive feedback on your statement drafts. 

National Science Foundation

The site provides detailed information for applicants.

Check the site for answers to applicants' and fellows' frequently asked questions.

For GRFP awardees planning to attend Mizzou 

As soon as you accept a fellowship, contact the business manager in the Office of Research, Graduate Studies and Economic Development. You must establish a stipend account to receive your fellowship payments. Do this as soon (preferably in June) to allow time for internal paperwork.  See the GRFP stipend handout for details.

Mizzou Contacts

Fellowships Office

Tim Parshall

Undergraduate Research

Dr. Linda Blockus

Broader Impacts

Dr. Susan Renoe

We are available for individual consultations. Call us!