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Obtaining a Graduate Assistantship

Most graduate student assistants obtain assistantships through their academic programs. An assistantship might be offered as part of an admissions package or developed through a professional relationship with faculty. A small number of assistantships that do not require program-specific expertise may be posted at

If you are a graduate student seeking an assistantship, contact your academic program for information about open positions.


To hold a graduate assistantship, a student must be:

  • Admitted to a department or area with a specific graduate-degree objective.
  • Enrolled in a program and making satisfactory progress toward degree attainment during the period of the assistantship.

Each department or unit establishes its own documented procedures for recruitment, selection, retention and dismissal of graduate assistants in accordance with MU policy and Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity guidelines

Notice of assistantship offer

Academic programs provide graduate student assistants with official signed letters of award with detailed information about assistantship expectations, responsibilities and compensation.


When the graduate assistant is hired, procedures and policies relevant to the position are made available to each graduate student through the academic program.

Minimum course load

Individual academic programs may require full-time enrollment or a minimum course load for funded students.

MU assistantships

Graduate student full-time enrollment

  • 9-16 credit hours in fall semester
  • 9-16 credit hours in spring semester
  • 4-9 hours in summer session