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The most common degree program changes are name changes to the degree program or the degree awarded, which is transcripted.
Degree Program Change Proposals should include (1) rationale for the change in the form of a cover letter, (2) the current name, and (3) the proposed name. When a discontinuation of a degree is requested, the impact on current students should be addressed.

The process for making changes to degree program begins with the department curriculum committee and requires the approval of the division curriculum committee, the dean, and the Graduate Faculty Senate, prior to the approval by both the Provost and the Chancellor. Once approved by the Provost and the Chancellor, the paperwork will be forwarded to the UM System Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs for approval and transmittal to the Coordinating Board for Higher Education (CBHE).

Once the dean of the academic unit has approved the request, send the completed proposal c/o Anita Cowan to the Office of Graduate Studies, 210 Jesse Hall.