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Adult-Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist Graduate Certificate

100% Online

This program has been discontinued and is no longer accepting applications.

Officially approved as:

Stand Alone: Yes
Degree Dependent: No

Total Credit Hours: 16

Certificate description: Advanced practice nurses are traditionally prepared at the graduate level in a specific clinical area. The specialty area may be identified in terms of population (e.g. pediatrics or adults), and/or type of problem (e.g. diabetes, cardiology). The advanced practice nurse is directly accountable for clinical judgments which include independent and interdependent decision making. Holders of this certificate provide advanced care to adults experiencing complex medical-surgical health problems. Ability to use advanced diagnostic and assessment skills and interventions to manage and improve patient care. Can consider all influences on a patient’s health status and the related psychosocial and behavioral problems arising from the patient’s altered physiological condition. The certificate is available via online learning.

Certificate web site:

For information about certificate, contact:
Sinclair School of Nursing

Phone: (573) 882-0277
Address: Sinclair School of Nursing S235 School of Nursing, Columbia, MO 65211

Gerontological Social Work Graduate Certificate

100% Online On Campus

Officially approved as:     

Stand Alone:  Yes  
Degree Dependent:  Yes

Total Credit Hours:  12

Certificate description: Participants in the Gerontological Social Work Certificate program will build awareness and expertise for work in settings that serve older adults and their families. Participants will be trained in micro, mezzo, macro and clinical strategies known to be effective in work with older adults and their families. An interdisciplinary, multi-level emphasis will be provided in the program since a large component of elder care is the coordination and management of services provided by various disciplines. Course work will utilize a bio-psycho-social-cultural perspective emphasizing the ecological perspective, Lawton’s theory of environmental press, resiliency, and the functional age model of family work. In addition, students will build awareness of aging policies and services, and policies that impact persons with disabilities and women.

Certificate website:

For information about certificate, contact:
Erin Robinson
Phone: (573) 884-3907

Crystal Null
Phone: (573) 884-9385
Address: University of Missouri School of Social Work, 7th Floor Clark Hall, Columbia, MO 65211 

Gerontology Graduate Certificate

100% Online

Officially approved as:     

Stand Alone:  Yes
Degree Dependent:   

Total Credit Hours:  21

Certificate description: A certificate in gerontology is ideal for professionals in a variety of aging-related fields. Areas include senior-services organizations like centers on aging; senior centers; nursing homes; assisted, independent, and aging-in-place living facilities; non-profit organizations; faith-based groups; and extension educators.

Note: This is an online certificate program.

Certificate web site:

For information about certificate, contact:
Lindsey Murphy, Department of Human Development and Family Science

Phone:  (
573) 882-4035
Address:  314 Gentry Hall, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65211 

Gerontology Minor

On Campus

Although aging-related curriculum at the University of Missouri is limited, a sufficient number of courses are available to students to complement their respective areas of study. Graduate students have the option of pursuing a graduate Gerontology Minor. Twenty-three courses in more than 10 disciplines can be supplemented by independent and topics courses.

Mentoring from experienced researchers on interdisciplinary research teams contributes to the learning curve of students specializing in aging studies. More than 40 teams are located throughout the University. Students are encouraged to contact the Interdisciplinary Center on Aging for help connecting with these productive groups of scholars.

The graduate minor in gerontology consists of nine to 15 hours of aging-related course work approved as a graduate minor by the student’s department/discipline. The MU Interdisciplinary Center on Aging will collaborate and provide assistance to both the student and his or her advisor.

The plan of study for the gerontology minor must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies at least one term before the conferral of the minor. The minor will be conferred when the major degree is conferred, and once a student officially graduates, the notation of the designated minor will appear on the student’s official transcript.