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Music Entrepreneurship Graduate Certificate

Officially approved as: 

Stand Alone:  Yes
Degree Dependent:   Yes

Total Credit Hours:  12

Certificate Description: To offer MU graduate students, as well as post-baccalaureate students in the MU community, an officially recognized core of courses dealing with the development, business, and publicity aspects of a musical career.  In today’s fine arts economy, an increasingly viable and popular model is the “portfolio career,” in which a person incorporates multiple roles (e.g. performer, teacher, advocate, manager, publicist, composer/arranger, etc.) rather than pursuing one narrowly defined career path.  Contextualizing the vision, skills, and networking activities needed to achieve a viable arts career, while offering a combination of theoretical and practical career preparation for Mizzou students, is the overarching aim of the Certificate.

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For information about certificate, contact:
Jonathan Kuuskosko, Assistant Teaching Professor and Director of Entrepreneurship and Community Programs

Phone:  (573) 884-6182
Address:  140 Fine Arts Bldg